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for your safety

The safety of all our guests is of paramount importance to us, and  we have done our best to ensure that the house is a safe as is reasonably possible. However, like any new and unfamiliar environment,  there is always an unforeseen potential for accidents. In recognition of this we have attempted to list the main areas that could possibly be hazardous.

Toddlers: The house is not ‘toddler-proof’, and very young children (below the age of 4) will need a high degree of supervision on the stairs, in the kitchen, and by open windows.  (For their safety, open sash windows by dropping the upper portion of the window and leaving the lower portion closed. The window stays on the staircase have stops to prevent them being fully opened).

The Elderly: There are 2 sets of winding wooden stairs to reach the upper floors, which might prove difficult for the elderly and infirm (not to mention hazardous for the very young).

Architectural features:  The house is nearly 300 years old.  There are certain architectural features that cannot be changed, and guests need to be aware of these. In addition to the winding wooden staircase, guests are also advised that there are a couple of other areas where the the architecture of the house may prove to be a hazard: i. Tripping hazards in the form of raised wooden planks at the entrances to most rooms (these are clearly marked). ii. Low ceilings (also clearly marked).

Fireplaces: Many of the rooms have their original fireplaces. However, they are not functioning, and it is strictly forbidden to light fires in them as it could be potentially be dangerous – the chimneys are blocked with chimney pillows to prevent draughts.

Fire: There are smoke detectors on each floor and a carbon monoxide detector on the top of the cellar steps. There are also fire extinguishers on each floor and a fire blanket in the kitchen pantry (guest are asked to familiarise themselves with their position).  In the event of an uncontrollable fire, evacuate the building and call the emergency services (Fire Brigade/Police/Ambulance – dial 999), then muster outside the Minster and make yourselves known to the Emergency Services.

Electric / Gas / Water: The gas and water mains taps are in the cellar where the laundry facilities are which is the room on the right at the bottom of the cellar steps. The electricity main switch and fuse-board is in the cellar on the left (i.e. opposite the laundry room).

A full list of emergency numbers will be given in the Information Folder.

Access Statement for 2 Precentors Court